• Sunflower byproducts, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • Ottofile corn, Gallicano (Italy)
  • Preparing savorett, Carpineti (Italy)
  • Churkela and tkhlapi selling, Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Dika wheat crops, Zveli (Georgia)
  • Dried fruits, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • Drying dogwood fruits, Petrovo (Ukraine)
  • Drying paprika, Velika Dobron (Ukraine)
  • Einkorn wheat bulgur, Kastamonu (Turkey)
  • Emmer wheat loading, Isanghazi (Turkey)
  • Dogwood fruit products, Alushta, Ukraine


The International Congress

Traditional Food International (TFI-2012)
Traditional foods: from culture, ecology and diversity, to human health and potential for exploitation
the Street Food Seminar
An international forum on street food – aspects and perspectives

was held in Cesena, Italy, October 4-5, 2012

It was a succesfull event, attended by over 150 participants and contributors.

It also represented the final dissemination event of the European Project BaSeFood (Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the Black Sea Area traditional foods)

You can find:

  • the pdf versions of most oral presentations;
  • the book of astracts;
  • the copies of most of the poster presented;

at the BaSeFood page dedicated to TFI-2012

Filippo D’Antuono (University of Bologna, BaSeFood coordinator)