• Sunflower byproducts, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • Ottofile corn, Gallicano (Italy)
  • Preparing savorett, Carpineti (Italy)
  • Churkela and tkhlapi selling, Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Dika wheat crops, Zveli (Georgia)
  • Dried fruits, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • Drying dogwood fruits, Petrovo (Ukraine)
  • Drying paprika, Velika Dobron (Ukraine)
  • Einkorn wheat bulgur, Kastamonu (Turkey)
  • Emmer wheat loading, Isanghazi (Turkey)
  • Dogwood fruit products, Alushta, Ukraine


On behalf of the organising committee, we cordially invite you to attend the Traditional Food International congress to be held in Cesena, Italy, October 4-5, 2012:

Traditional Food International (TFI-2012)
Traditional foods: from culture, ecology and diversity, to human health and potential for exploitation
the Street Food Seminar
An international forum on street food – aspects and perspectives
Cesena, Italy, October 4-5, 2012

The program  includes

  • Plenary lectures from internationally-recognised speakers
  • Presentations detailing the achievements of recent EU funded projects related to traditional foods
  • Presentation of the BaSeFood project’s results
  • Offered contributions from registered participants

The congress will take place within a comprehensive event including also:

  • the BaSeFood final meeting – October 3 (restricted to BaSeFood partners)
  • A dissemination event as part of the 7th Street Food Festival – a popular street food event in the Cesena city centre (5-7 October)

We look forward to see you in Cesena

Filippo D’Antuono (University of Bologna, BaSeFood coordinator)
Fabrizio Abbondanza (Ser.In.Ar., general manager)